What is Human Givens Therapy?

HGI Logo CMYK 300dpi (Registered)iu.jpegAs a Human Givens therapist I offer reliable and practical help for a range of psychological stresses.  I am trained to use the latest findings from psychology and neurobiology about what people need to function well and lead fulfilling lives, drawing on the most effective psychotherapeutic techniques for relieving a wide range of difficulties.

The term “human givens” is simply an organising idea and it refers to our basic physical and emotional needs, and the range of our innate resources to hep us get our needs met.  If our needs are not being met well, or in balance, or our resources are not being used well, then we might suffer psychological distress.

The therapy approach I offer helps people identify their unmet emotional needs and empowers them to meet those needs by activating their own natural resources in new ways.  People learn useful new facts, such as how our emotions can sometimes take over and make us think, say or do things that we later regret or wish to stop in the future, and what to do about it.

My aim is to help people feel better so they start to feel immediate relief.  This often includes some relaxation methods, and together working out some achievable and realistic goals to focus on, with small, manageable steps, at a pace to suit the individual.

If you would like to find out more about the “human givens” approach, go to: http://www.hgi.org.uk