Educational Psychology Services

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I can help you to:

  • build your capacity to meet the needs of all pupils
  • recognise the everyday stresses and demands on staff and provide appropriate support
  • provide support to parents who are experiencing difficulties
  • support pupils to thrive and build their resilience

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I have appropriate postgraduate qualification and relevant experience in applying psychology to improve educational and psychological outcomes for children and young people.  I gather information about a referred child, looking at the areas they have difficulty in as well as their strengths and the situations where things are going well, in order to build a picture of the barriers to their progress and how best to overcome them.  I might do this by:

  • meeting with key adults in your child’s school and yourselves
  • review of written records about your child
  • observation of your child in and around school
  • individual assessment work with your child, usually in school
  • provisions of a written report to summarise 

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