Testimonials (therapy)

“I’ve been much better over the past 5 weeks or so.  Much more positive and active. I did [what we talked about] and that seems to have helped massively.” Male in his 20s with addiction issues

“You made me feel very comfortable and I felt listened to and understood and that what I was going through was very normal and that I would feel better…and I do.”  Female in her 40s with post-natal depression

“I just wanted to let you know that I used [the strategy you taught me] to very good effect.  I was actually really astounded at the efficacy.”  Female in her 30s with panic attacks

“My situation has improved within a few appointments.  My wife describes her as ‘Miracle Reni'”.  Male veteran with PTSD

“I really couldn’t believe how uplifted I felt after [my appointment] – as though I’d been pulled out of a swamp.”  Female retiree experiencing relationship breakdown

“Since I last saw you I’ve been doing really well and have felt better than I have in a long time.”  Female in her 30s with general anxiety and depressed mood